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    About us

    About us About us


    Into Chengxin Machinery

    Established in Shanghai where is a center of China financial, trade, shipping, fashion and the birthplace of bag-making machine, UNIMATEK(SHANGHAI) Machinery Co., Ltd (UNIMATEK) is the most professional packaging machines manufacturer, which makes the top-ranking packaging equipments and the best technical solution for flexible packaging company all over the world.

    In the past several years of development, UNIMATEK has been improving the technology capacity, upgrading the quality system, developing excellent new and different machines such as high-speed three-side-seal bag making machine, high-speed center-seal bag making machine, multi-functional bag making machine, bag-in-box bag making machine, eight-side-seal bag making machine, also custom-made machines based on customer’s requirements. UNIMATEK wins the recognition of domestic and foreign markets by professional technical team, new products, excellent quality, and dedicated service.

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